About Us

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I am Dr. Hardik Joshi, Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Coach, from India. I have published two books, How To Develop A Never Give Up Attitude and How To Be A Loser. More than 13,000 copies of both my books have been sold in 100 countries and 500+ Ratings and Reviews with an average of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, GoodReads, Flipkart and other portals.

I am the Founder of Thumbs Up Foundation and the prime purpose is to spread awareness about mental health across the globe. Though I am not a Certified Psychologist or a Psychiatrist, I have helped thousands of sufferers from many countries to live a mentally healthy life without charging a single penny. The reason is, the battle which I fought against the monster ‘Severe Depression’ and won successfully by the Grace of God, family and friends.

I have successfully trained 5000+ students and 1000+ professionals to deliver their best in studies and workplace, respectively by conducting various training programs in India and Dubai.

I put my best efforts to help the budding Authors by guiding them, answering their questions to transform their dream of publishing a book into a reality.

I pursued Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry and I have worked as a visiting faculty, as a lecturer and an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in various universities of Gujarat, India for more than 5 years. In the year 2015, I started my journey of living my passion by leaving the secured job of an Assistant Professor overnight. Several people were calling me crazy because of taking such a decision and had put their best efforts to send me back to the job which I was not enjoying. I Never Gave UP during the most critical times of my professional life by putting my blood and sweat because of which the same people see me now as a Renowned Author and Esteemed Speaker.

My only message to you is, ‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams.’.