Thumbs Up

Know us well.

As a Survivor of Severe Depression and OCD, Dr. Hardik Joshi is on a mission to spread awareness about Mental Health across the globe.

He started this mission as a Facebook page on 24th September 2014. After a year, he was unable to focus on his job as well as foundational activities.

Therefore, he left his successful career as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in October 2015.

The prime activities of Thumbs Up Foundation are:
  • Counselling an individual to know if someone is suffering from a Mental Health issue.
  • To convince a sufferer and their families to seek professional help.
  • Encouraging families to accept and support their loved ones as who they are.
  • Making the best possible arrangement of counselling and medicine for a person.
  • Writing quotes, stories, and articles on his website.
  • Conducting surveys regarding Mental Health on various platforms.
  • Encourage people to open up about their Mental Health problems.
Today, more than 25,000 people from 80+ countries have joined the movement of Making This World Mentally Healthy through offline and online platforms.