Creative Comparison of Friendship

FRIENDSHIP is one of the most wonderful gifts we have received from the Almighty. In other words, God has given us an opportunity to select the IDIOTS i.e. FRIENDS with whom we want to spend each phase of our life

‘FRIEND’ A six-letter word which is a unique chapter of everyone’s book called life and I am pretty sure that nobody can deny this fact. There is magic in this relationship and I guarantee that all of us had and have felt this MAGIC at some point in our life.

FRIEND is a person whose presence and absence both have a huge effect on our life. With our best friends (I call them DARLINGS), we can everything whether it is logical or illogical.  

Following are some of the Creative Comparisons I have made for a friend

A friend May Not be

a DOCTOR but they have the ability to cure the DISEASE called PROBLEMS.

a LAWYER but they have the ability to ARGUE at their best to PROTECT us.

a CHARTERED ACCOUNT but put their best efforts to MANAGE our FINANCIAL Systems.

a FIREFIGHTER but have the potential to fight against the FLAMES called Troubles.

a TEACHER but they can TEACH important Life Lessons.

an EYE SPECIALIST but they can READ our EYES

a PSYCHIATRIST but they can DIAGNOSE the condition of MIND.

an INSURANCE AGENT but always ensures PROTECTION by helping us BAD TIMES.

a STOCKBROKER but they always put efforts to INCREASE VALUE of our LIFE.

a GUIDE but SHOW THE PATH but also WALK TOGETHER in the JOURNEY called life.

an INVESTOR but INVEST TIME and ENERGY without thinking about PROFIT or LOSS.

a MANAGER but MANAGE us in the WORST situations of our life.

Moreover, Friendship is a BOAT in which friends SAIL together in the sea called LIFE. They don’t care about the weather i.e. good and bad situations of life. Their only goal is to live together during each and every moment of life. 

I would like to conclude with a few more creative comparisons:


A HELIUM GAS filled in the BALLON which always pulls us up.

A FUEL required for driving the VEHICLE called LIFE.

An OXYGEN for the body that keeps us ALIVE.

A SALT added to food called LIFE to make the TASTE better.

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