How Visualization and Affirmation helped me to secure admission in Ph. D?

It was the year 2009 when I was studying in the final year of my Masters of Chemistry. 

I had a dream to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Chemistry. I asked one of my professors, Dr. Patel, in the last semester of my M. Sc. to pursue my dream under his guidance. 

He said to me that, “It is difficult for you because I do not have any vacancy as each professor can guide 6️ students only.” 

Moreover, he advised me that “You must ask other professors for the same.” I simply told him that, “I just want to pursue research under your guidance otherwise not.” 

He replied that “Then you may suffer”. I calmly replied, “No problem Sir. I will wait for the opportunity.”

There was no possibility but I was determined to join his team. 

I started affirming hundreds of times that, “I have got an admission”. Additionally, I also visualized my dream daily. I have a belief in myself and faith in God.

Just before a week of the admission procedure, I got the news about the declaration from the “University Grant Commission” that from now onwards each Professor can guide 8️ students. 

It means that my dream was about to come true. 

Finally, on 27th November 2009, I started pursuing my dream under the guidance of my favourite professor. 

I can’t describe how happy I was at that time.

Do you have any such experience?


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